Special Privileges Policy

Any student is eligible to receive a special privilege card by earning an 18 or above on the Work Habits Evaluation Form and met additional criteria. A student may use their special privilege card under the following conditions:

  1. Badge must be worn at all times that a student wishes to access privileges.
  2. Student must report to regular study hall for attendance purposes.
  3. Students may participate in a relaxed study hall where he/she may talk quietly to friends, listen to personal music devices, eat snacks and drink soft drinks quietly. (This study hall may not be supervised at all times by a JHS employee.)
  4. Student may leave study hall or the cafeteria at any time with the permission of the instructor or supervisor in charge.
  5. If a student chooses to leave study hall or the cafeteria he/she may report to the computer lab, outside, the L.C. or the food court.
  6. Only seniors can leave campus under the following conditions:
    • Student has signed out in the office
    • Student has a minimum of 45 minutes of unscheduled time
    • Student is not the company of any students who are ineligible to leave campus
    • Student must drive and obey all traffic laws and not disrupt normal community activities.
  7. Student may be tardy once per semester with a good reason without penalty.
  8. Student may use the lobby area during lunch hours and study hall.
  9. If you lose your card, there is a $5.00 replacement fee.